This is a privately founded and operated small astronomical observatory located in Brasov , a city placed in the middle of Romania.

This is not a classical astronomical observatory as you might expect ( a special building with a great dome housing some huge telescopes ) but is a bunch of high precision astronomical equipment permanently placed in a fixed location in a medium city at my home. But the important thing is that this equipment is capable to produce high precision astrometric measurements and also other scientific useful data, so it produce the results of a clasical small observatory.

The observatory was enrolled at MPC with the code M30 from June 2022.

The meteor station was enrolled in a meteor monitoring network project called ROVIMEN since 2015, but due to the project stop and lack of time for processing the station is temporarelly stopped.

This is also the page of the former Stardust Observatory. Due the fact that there are also other observatories in the world using this name I’ve decided to change the name in order to avoid potential confusions. In 2021 I had to move my observatory to a different location, in the same city but about half kilometer apart from the initial position. Also few months ago I did a consistent upgrade of the main telescope optics. So it made more sense to also made the planed name change.

The old observatory was enrolled at MPC with the code L13 from January 2016. After the location change  a new MPC code have to be aquired because every the code is permanently linked by an precise geographical position.