Main telescope

The main telescope of the observatory is a 0.2m Celestron CPC 800 on AltAz fork computerised mount. In paralel on this instrument there is a 70/700 Skywatcher achromat telescope used for pointing. Also for fast alignment a laser and a reddot are mounted on the main scope.

On the main telescope a Canon 1100 DSLR is mounted in most cases. The pointing telescope use an old Celestron Nexstar camera.

Of course all this setup is connected to the observatory computer and can be remotely controlled and used. I use Nexstar Remote and Cartes du Ciel software for controling the telescope. For the cameras I use the default Canon software and AmCap software for the pointing camera.

Through this setup I can image fields having about 36×24 arcminutes with a resolution of 0.512 arcsecond per pixel. The curent limit magnitude of the setup is up to 16 mag but I hope it could be improved a little in the future.


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