December 2015

05/06 December – Test remote observing some asteroids. Pointing precision tests. Limit magnitude tests with the new equipment ( Canon 1100D ccd )

14/15 December – First asteroid observation for astrometry purpose

s. Around 20 fields imaged in order to take 3 position for 6 well known asteroids ( to test minor planet astrometric capabilities ). Objects targeted: 589, 622, 635, 747 Winchester , 888 , 4932.

23/24 December – Second night for astrometric determination of th

e targeted asteroids ( unfortunately this was first clear night after more than one week )

30/31 December – First attempt for neglected double star astrometry. About 10 fields was imaged the session was closed because of bad weather ( Clouds covered parts of the sky and eventually all the sky after all ). Due to the unstable weather and also a small misalignement issue no daca could be extracted from this fiel



Asteroid (589) Croatia in 23.12.2015 21:15 UT


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