January 2016

05/06 January – 15 fields imaged containing neglected double stars. A few neglected was measured and also some other double stars which was by chance in the same fields. Also some of the targets got negative confirmations.

13/14 January 8 fields imaged containing some neglectet doubles. Some of them are not usable for astrometry because some field rotation issues. Still there are some nice to see full of stars fields. Most of the fields will be reimaged in a future session. I noticed that near one of the field there is a very populated area (about 1.5×1.5 degrees) containing a lot of doubles that should be measured even if not all are neglected.

19/20 January 18 double stars fields imaged. The failed fields from the last session reimaged.


Field containing a neglected double star and some other doubles imaged in 19/20 January night


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