My name is Lucian Curelaru and I’m the owner of this facility. I’m software engineer but I’m also a passionate amateur astronomer since my childhood. So I use all my free time in activities connected with astronomy. I’m mainly interested in astronomy scientific projects and I try to contribute in such projects as much I can. My observatory is quite old if you consider the strict definition which tells that an astronomical observatory is a place where from astronomical observation are made (It doesn’t matter if you have a big or a small scope / a nice cupola or just a building floor for you telescope). Anyway I like to consider my observing place like an observatory only from the moment when it could provide useful scientific data, and this moment is sometime in 2010 when I started to make astrometric determination for double stars.

I would like here to put also some credits for my observatory and in general for my astronomical activity. I own a lot to my dear parents which noticed my passion for astronomy since I was a child. They encouraged me constantly and helped me with all they can to follow my astronomical dreams. I remember they sacrificed a big part of their savings to buy me a telescope in a period we were pretty poor. They also encouraged me to read a lot and concentrate all my time on school and reading and this helped me a lot in acquiring a lot of knowledge and have a good logical thinking. Also my grandparents contributed a lot to all of this.

There is one more man I have to thank here. It is the one that dripped the passion to science in my mind. It is an uncle of mine , which have exactly same name as me Lucian Curelaru. He was a great lover of science, teacher of pure mathematics at Bucharest University he was also working at different research projects connected with mathematics and physics.He payed a visit at my family house when a was a small child he gave me a wonderful gift… an optical set for building a telescope and a microscope. I think that this was the spark that started all the fire after the years.

For more details about my work : Follow me on ResearchGate

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    • Thank you Ovidiu. I also want to thank you for your support during the years and for the opportunities you gave me since we know each other to join your astronomy projects. I’ve learned a lot about the asteroids stuff from that projects.


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