Double stars astrometry

First double stars astrometry data was collected starting from 2010 using Nexstar telescope and the Imaging Source camera. Unfortunately using this setup the measuring process was quite time consuming , so only a small number of neglacted objects was measured and reported in two articles published in Jurnal of Double Star Observations. The articles can be seen here:

I plan to use a different approach using the current semiautomatic setup and start a new series of measurement. Having now a much bigger field the images can be reduced directly with Astrometrica software one measurement could be made from a single image without extra calibration frames reducing very much the observing time for each object. Also field rotation correction will not be necessary. The drawback is that I will be able to target only medium and big separation objects ( over 5-6 arcsec separation ) Still another advantage of this new approach will be that I could target lower magnitude doubles (probably down to 16 mag or more) than with the other setup. These measurements has  started at the beginning of 2016.

Also a data mining based neglected double star measurements is in progress working with images from Paranal Observatory

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