Meteors and fireballs monitoring

During end of 2014 to summer of 2015 I’ve build and tested a meteor station using a Watec camera and a Pentax objective , all these housed in a standard security camera. This equipment is connected to the observatory computer which runs some monitoring software that isolates moving targets catched by the camera ( which mainly are meteors, satellites or planes ). Since autumn 2015 this camera is working permanentlty ( in each clear or partially clear night )  monitoring same area of sky. Moreover the station is enrolled in a national network of meteor stations ( ROmanian VIdeo MEteor Network ). The station is recently sychronised with a similar station from Stardreams Observatory which is located around 100km to SE . This shall allow us perform also some precise measurements of the meteors recorded by both stations. Also statistics and other observations from the station are available already for last months and will be published here soon.

UPDATE (2022): Unfortunately the meteor camera was stopped in the last years due to the lack of time for the periodic meteor data analysis. Hopefully the system will be reactivated in the future.